Clevest and Message Broadcast Partner to Provide Interactive Utility Communications and Real-Time Scheduling

Jack Ukropina 6/24/20 10:20 PM 14 min read

JUNE 24, 2020: Clevest and Message Broadcast today announced their partnership to deliver an end-to-end communication and scheduling platform to enhance how utilities interact and serve their communities.

MLGW SMS ScreenshotThe solution leverages technologies and business process expertise from both companies: the communications and conversational decision logic from Message Broadcast and the workforce management technology from Clevest. The result is an intelligent customer communication and engagement module that allows utility customers to schedule service calls, confirm consent, and receive notifications over their medium of choice, including text, email, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

The combined solution affords utilities the flexibility to automatically schedule their work crews and equipment deployments based upon location, date, and time of the scheduled call – integrating new requests within existing work schedules.

Customers will receive appointment reminders, with the opportunity to reschedule if necessary. Proactive cancellations will eliminate unnecessary “truck roll” costs (which can average more than $1,000[1]), as well as repeat service calls for missed appointments. Such efficiencies will have a meaningful impact on both the environment and the operating expenses of the utility.

The process closes with a purpose-driven, personalized survey capturing customer feedback on the services provided. These conversational surveys collect valuable insight the utility can use to track customer satisfaction and identify where improvements may be necessary.

Memphis Light Gas & Water to launch the solution to its half million customers

Memphis Light Gas & Water (MLGW), the nation’s largest three-service municipal utility, will soon launch the solution to its half a million customers. MLGW’s commitment to customer communication and cost-effective operation were key drivers to the rapid implementation of the solution.

“Our mission is to safely deliver services that create and sustain superior customer experiences,” said Eliza King, Director of Customer Care at Memphis Light Gas & Water. “The customer communication and engagement module from Clevest and Message Broadcast allows us to put our customers first, while safeguarding the environment and providing a cost-effective service to our community.”

The solution will provide MLGW with a flexible communication platform for their customers, and the ability to monitor and improve service levels while reducing emissions and operating costs.

“Working with our partners at Message Broadcast, we plan to extend the capabilities of the current solution,” stated Carol Johnston, VP of Product and Marketing at Clevest. “Our objective is to provide utilities with real-time technology that will help them coordinate their crew call outs, communication, and response during natural disasters and other catastrophes.”

The next phase will combine Message Broadcast’s award-winning expertise in the distribution of critical outage and emergency communications with Clevest’s workforce management technology. This will help utilities alert and activate field crews to rapidly respond to critical situations as they unfold.

“Our mission is to deliver meaningful and measurable business outcomes through an unparalleled digital experience for the world’s most admired utilities. Exposing conversational self-service tools that intelligently migrate customer care to cost-saving digital interactions reduces the customer’s effort, increases their satisfaction, and predictably influences their next best action,” said Bill Joiner, Chief Strategy Officer at Message Broadcast. “We are committed to transforming how utilities exceed their customers’ expectations.”


About Message Broadcast

Message Broadcast provides engagement solutions that shape customer experiences for the world’s top utilities. As a leader in intent-driven conversation, Message Broadcast improves customer satisfaction and increases operational efficiency through decades of domain expertise and a leading omnichannel communication platform. Message Broadcast’s solutions dramatically increase customer engagement, self-service, satisfaction and conversion across all channels.


About Clevest

Clevest provides workforce automation software that connects the mobile workforce to office operations. Built for energy and water utilities, our innovative solutions optimize any field activity or process, improving outage response times, worker productivity and safety, and helping utilities reduce their carbon footprint. With over 220 utility customers worldwide, Clevest’s solutions have been used to deploy over 35 million smart meters and service over 100 million energy and water consumers. Clevest is MultiSpeak-compliant and integrates with 250 enterprise systems, and offers configurable solutions that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

[1] Technology Service Industry Association


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