Do Your Homework: How to Get the Most Out of PowerUp

Kristen Hoppe 5/26/21 2:57 PM 5 min read

You’re taking time out of your busy work schedule to attend PowerUp… so it's likely you want to ensure you and your team get the most out of it.

So how do you do that?

Step 1: Set Goals

Before you attend any conference, having a clear understanding of your goals for spending time at the show is key. Are you looking to learn what your peers are doing and how you can replicate their success? Do you have a problem with your existing systems or processes you believe a technology partner can help you solve?

Step 2: Prepare

I know - it seems counterintuitive to prep for a conference. Isn’t that Chartwell and the vendors’ jobs?

Well, yes and no. Yes, it's their job to put on a fantastic show, but it’s on you to take advantage of the amazing resources they have to offer.

So first things first, check out the agenda that Chartwell put together. Identify speaking sessions you want to attend and some you might want to pop into “if you have the time.”

Then, look through the directory of vendors sponsoring PowerUp. Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see the list of sponsors. Make a list of three to five sponsors you’re interested in learning more about.

Step 3 (If you’re looking for a technology partner): Do Your Research

Once you’ve created your target list, start doing research. When I say research, go beyond simply browsing their website. Look at who their clients are and leverage your network by asking your peers about their experiences with those vendors.

Step 4: Come Up With Questions

Although your goal is to speak to all of the vendors you’ve identified as “interesting,” having a list of questions that are important to you, your company, your challenge, or your project vision can come in handy.

When putting these questions together, keep in mind to look for a partner who:

  • Understands the ins and outs of the utility industry, AS WELL AS your unique business challenges. While you want a partner that understands and executes best practices, you also want a partner that can problem solve from your company’s vantage point, understands your technical needs and business processes you have in place.
  • Builds partnerships of their own to ensure your existing solutions can integrate with potential new solutions.
  • Focuses on training, support, and change management. It will make your life so much easier as you transition from project kickoff to an ongoing relationship.

In addition to coming up with questions, I would encourage you to pay attention to how potential partners respond. Identify candidates that want to partner with you and your organization. Here are a few signs to look for:

  • Gets curious and asks the right questions.
  • Listens – and I mean really listens. They listen to the entirety of your challenge before offering their solution instead of parroting canned answers.
  • Believes in building a long-term relationship. Many vendors have a transactional relationship with their clients rather than a relationship built on commitment and trust.

On behalf of everyone at Message Broadcast, we hope you have a great (and productive) time at PowerUp 2021. Don’t forget to check out our Scavenger Hunt for your chance to win some great prizes. We hope to (virtually) see you there!